Middle Grade, Fantasy Middle Grade
Lost on Disc - Adventures inside a computer
Microlands Series - Book One
The computer powers down, ejecting a star fighter
from his program. Flic offers to help Stargun find
his way home, but the task is harder than
he thinks. The star fighter's impatience leads
them into all the wrong programs.
Flic wants to help, but he's terrified the
Grand Master of the operating system will
discover their plight and disintegrate both of them.
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Reva's Quest - A Magical Journey
Reva, her garden gnome and three companions
travel across the land to save Fey from the evil Malice.
Only Reva can rid the world of Malice, but their journey
brings danger, and she wonders if she will survive.
Malice’s evil has invaded many the beasts of the land
and they try to stop quest companions reaching their goal.
One of the companions begins to act strangely,
and Reva must consider the possibility
of a traitor in their midst.
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Disc Chase - Adventures inside a computer
Microlands Series - Book Two
Stargun and Flic reach the portal to the Star Fighters game,
but before Stargun can enter they are chased
by the Viral Busters. The chase takes them
through a variety of games until it seems the
Viral Busters are about to catch them.
Can they escape or will they be dragged
before the Grand Master and disintegrated.
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Ghoulies and Ghosties and things that go bump in the night
The books below are all for early teenage and possibly 9 to 12 year olds.
Spirit Stealer: Ghosts in the Library
In 1908, Fader, a street urchin, takes shelter in the newly opened
library to escape the cold winter. Months pass and the book
characters emerge as playful phantoms in the nighttime library –
all except for the green Spirit Stealer. This evil phantom steals
the spirits of children who are accidentally locked in
the library at night. Fader has to dodge the Spirit Stealer
or his spirit will be taken.
A century later, Tyler is trapped by accident and tries to
help a wraith called Amelia who still has half her spirit.
Will they succeed in getting rid of the Spirit Stealer?
If they do what will happen to the girl with half a spirit?
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Fury's Ghost
Fury's family leave the city for a six month visit to rural New Zealand.
They stay in an old house belonging to her mother's family, but
who is the ghostly figure in a hidden attic room and why is
Fury the only one who can see her? She learns the ghost is the
spirit of the original owner who has been trapped in
the room for one hundred years.
Fury promises to help the spirit lady to end her
earthly existence. Problems arise when Fury delves into
the past to find the answers she needs.
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Fury's Island
On holiday in Nelson, New Zealand, Fury meets Eion
who offers to teach her to paddle board. Immediately attracted to
him, she accepts. After basic instruction, he takes her out
to Skull Island, a creepy looking rock some distance
from the beach. No one has ever discovered a way up to
the caves which look like eyes, but Fury finds a secret
entrance and convinces Eion they should investigate.
Their excitement rises as they discover tunnels and caves
hidden beneath the ground, but neither is prepared for the
arrival of ghostly pirates bringing their treasure chests to
bury in one of the underground caves.
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Ghost Bus: Mystery of the Phantom Bus
Jack's family has a new home, a converted bus depot.
The original owners of the depot disappeared and
the ghost of their last bus appears to take Jack and
his sister on a journey to various worlds
to solve the mystery.
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Sue Perkins
Magic, Mystery and Mayhem
For the young and not so young
Ghosts Copyright : Denis Kovin
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Available in paperback from Copy Press, Nelson